About Us

    Home Safe n' Happy is a family owned and operated Pet Care business in the Hampton/Newport News, Virginia area. We are a member of, and insured through, Pet Sitter Associates, LLC. We are also a member of the BBB, Pet Sit USA, Professional United Pet Sitters, and Pet Sitters International.

    Diana Nartowicz, owner of Home Safe n' Happy,  was born In Newport News, Virginia, and has lived in the Hampton Roads area most of her life. She began working with animals at a young age when her Grandmother, Julia Roberts, joined together with Irene Smith and Mrs. Foster to form the first No Kill Animal Shelter in the Tidewater Area called The Animal Aid Society. Working closely with several of the Veterinary Clinics in the area, Diana and the other members of the AAS rescued, nursed back to health and adopted out animals to loving families for many years. Though it has grown, some 35 years later the AAS still operates successfully on Butler Farm Road in Hampton where it first began. 

    She's had many pets throughout her life and at one point the count was15 assorted little friends at once. Taking care of animals with serious illnesses like Diabetes seemed to come naturally. There's a standing joke with those who know her best that if there's a sick or injured animal within 100 miles it will find her. In fact, Kitty is one those little guys who wandered a long way before deciding Diana's house was his new home. Kitty showed up on the back deck at Christmas very sick and weighing just under 7 lbs. After a Vet visit, Kitty was diagnosed as having  FIV and Leukemia, both of which should have killed him long before now. That was over 4 and 1/2  years ago. Today Kitty takes medicine twice daily and weighs 16 lbs. He's a loving grouchy lil' old man who allows Diana the privilege of living with him.

   kittybed1 It was a search for someone who would take care of Kitty during a planned family vacation that led Diana to return to her love of animals.

    "After all, the lil furry monster has saved my life a few times already since he adopted me  ... the least I can do is return the favor and pass it on.  I like animals better anyway... they just love you... just because.  I'll be glad to tell anyone who wants to know about Kitty's rescue. You see, he rescued me... "


(Kitty passed away Monday morning, 12:30 AM August10th, 2009 in the Emergency Vets from complications of his illnesses. He developed Pneumonia and though we tried everything to save him, the diseases won. I wrapped him in his blanket from home and held him closely for a long time, told him how much I loved him, how lucky I was he had come into my life, and how I would miss him. He tried to purr for me and nuzzled his head under my chin. Then he fell asleep for the last time. He was so loved. He saved my life in more ways than I can explain. I miss him very much)

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