How do I schedule a Meet n' Greet?
How far ahead should I schedule services?

It's important that you call Home Safe n' Happy as far in advance of your scheduled departure as possible. We also ask that all forms are filled out and returned to us before you leave. This will help to insure that your pet's needs are fully understood before you go and allows us to discuss any  important information we might have questions about.

What things do I need to make available to the sitter?

Please refer to our Pet Owner Check List.

ladybugWhen do I pay?

Once a time frame and number of visits has been established, you'll be given a quote for services. You can either pay by check, cash, or through our web site.

How will the Pet Sitter get the keys?

It is the Pet Owner's responsibility to have 2 extra keys made for the sitter. This is very important. In the event one key is lost for any reason, there will be a spare key available for the home as back up. They will only be returned once the owner notifies Home Safe n' Happy that they have returned. This is to make sure that your pets are never left alone  should you be held up.

Can I cancel and will I be billed?

Yes, you may cancel at any time. We do ask a $10.00 cancellation fee if any cancellations are made within the last 24 hours of the scheduled visit. However, We do understand that emergency's come up.


Please contact Home Safe n' Happy if you have any further questions.

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