Pet Owner Check List:

Please remember to fill out the Pet Info sheet you will receive by Email. There might be a lot of information we'll need to remember. Having an information pack to look through will be greatly appreciated and help the sitter to insure a more relaxed and pleasant time for your Pet. In case you do not receive your Pet Info Sheet,  here are the things that you'll want to include:

• Food, Diet and Nutrition: any special diets or scheduling, location of food
• Health and Well being: Include your pets medical history, immunization records and registration records if possible. beds, favorite sleeping spots, hiding places, brushes, combs,
• Play and exercise:  leashes, play toys, chew treats
• Traits and behaviors: What is your pet’s personality? Are they friendly, noisy, playful, easily scared etc?
Any aggressive tendencies, likes, dislikes, chewing, scratching, digging
• Pet supplies: locations for potty supplies, litter, litter box replacement bags.
• Rules for your pets
• Contact information for you and your Vet


Things you should do before your Pet Sitter arrives:

• Stock up on the things your pet sitter will need:  food, kitty litter, medication, cleaning supplies, and place these things in easy to find locations.
• Store any dangerous objects or chemicals in a cupboard or safe place.
• If your pet likes to escape from the yard, close off any potential escape routes.
• Make sure that any paths to dangerous places are blocked.
• Have phone number of vet and after hour’s emergency service beside your phone just in case. Make sure to leave phone numbers where you can be reached in case of an emergency.
• Have a neighbor, relative or friend who knows your pets well on standby just in case the sitter needs information and cannot reach you. Alert your Vet to the plans and arrangements you've made with the Pet Sitter in case of an emergency.
Notify friends, family and neighbors that a pet sitter will be entering your home several times a day.


Things to do for your pet before you leave:

  • Talk to your pet, tell them you're leaving for a few days and when you'll be coming back home (some people believe that our pets understand these reassuring messages).
  • Leave a piece of your recently worn clothing in your pets' sleeping area to give him the sense of security while you're away.

It's important to work closely with your Pet Sitter to insure that both you and your small best friend have a pleasant time while you're away from home.

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