The Litter Box

    Do you flush the toilet every few days, or every time you use it?  Do you use a bathroom that's almost to small to even turn around in, or are you more comfortable in one that's large enough to at least open and close the door? If you had to step over your own waste or someone else's to get to the toilet, would you use that facility or go find another that was clean? 

     If you were using a litter box would you want to keep an eye out in all directions for predators or be blind folded?

     Most litter box's sold in the pet stores today do not satisfy the natural instincts of your cat. Kitty may use it, begrudgingly, but it's very unnatural and uncomfortable. You may soon find that kitty has decided to go outside that box and if that does happen it's no ones fault but YOURS... the pet owner.  We don't realize that we're the ones who cause 95% of all litter box problems in our pets.

    The blue or pink one with the neat cover is nice because it hides the kitty waste from our sensitive eyes. The neat one with the little graded walkway and maze that leads to a tiny area with barely enough room for litter is nice because not only can't we see the poop, we can hardly smell it now! And the reason we can't smell it is the very reason the cat doesn't even want to use it. Enclosed litter boxes trap odor inside the box.  How do you feel about going to the bathroom in a used porta-potty that hasn't  been cleaned in a few days? Now imagine your nose is 100 times more sensitive to smell and step back into that portable bathroom. If you don't pass out first chances are very good that you'll be leaving before you ever use the rest room.

    Or maybe you've been walked in on by your best friend or relative while trying to use the rest room? We all have. How many times do you check the door lock the next few times you use that rest room? It feels like no matter how many times you check it, you still have to check it one more time. That's the very same sensation you kitty gets when the other cat in the house walks in on him/her while using the litter box because the cover made it impossible for either cat to see the other.

    Which brings me to the joys of the "one bathroom home". Remember when you had only one bathroom in the house? You didn't like that at all so why should your cat like it any better? You should at least have the same number of litter box's as you have kitties in the house. Cats don't like sharing their potty anymore than we do.

    So many wonderful pets are either given away or euthanized simply because we honestly don't understand their needs, so make the same mistakes over and over again. We try everything we can humanly think of to change the behavior,  to no avail, and it's heart wrenching. There in lies the rub... we try everything humanly possible... the kitty isn't human. Try thinking like your cat. You'll be very surprised how quickly everything will change.

        Here are some wonderful links crammed with lots of good information that will help you understand how your kitty feels about the litter box you may be asking him/her to use and how to solve problems that you might have unintentionally caused. And how do I know any of this might help? I'm the human who made all these mistakes and then some. I'm surprised my kitty didn't put an add in the paper for someone to adopt me....   "Good Home needed for older female human. Loving, friendly, already spayed, just needs guidance and a patient Kitty to take care of her. Not good with litter box's. Call Kitty. 555-555-5555."


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